Important People

Bride's Parents

Arthur Midel

Bride's father

Priscilla Ruela

Bride's mother

Groom's Parents

Danilo Bagsican

Groom's father

Emma Bagsican

Groom's mother

Best Man

Dan Mark Bagsican

The groom’s younger brother. The great singing voice in the Bagsican family that will surely captivate your hearts. And an even greater heart for God.

Maid of Honor

Samantha Analee Midel

The bride’s younger sister. The headturner whose looks belie the fact that she’s the prankster and jokester who either confuses or cracks everyone up!


Jo Belle Marabiles

Bride’s childhood friend – classmate from elementary to high school. Co-proprietor of Camp Happy Kids Center (now defunct). Foolishness and crazy ideas translator partner. ;)

Elizabeth Grace Amores

Bride’s childhood schoolmate. College classmate and ka-barkada. Co-proprietor of Camp Happy Kids Center (now defunct). Bride’s dependable demure and pretty “make-up artist and stylist” (read: the one to run to whenever I need make up and clothes for an event!)

Dinah Grace Bagsican

Groom’s sister. The gorgeous talented gal who perks up everyone’s day!


Daryl Becera

Groom and bride’s churchmate. Groom’s best bud and lifesaver when he was down in the dumps. This business-minded lad is the one you can always count on to be there for you.

Jonee Manlapaz

Groom and bride’s churchmate and close friend slash former lunchmate (together with the other Victory Parkers) slash travelmate. The perpetual co-engagement planner. The one you can depend on to tell you of the latest piso fare travels. :D

Kingsbern Ara Midel

Bride’s cousin. The ever sweet like-a-brother cousin. The charmer.

Tatiana Angelica Ruela

(Junior bridesmaid) Bride’s sister. Former housemate and former closet haven that the bride takes delight in! :D

Krystian Ralph Midel

(Junior Groomsman) Bride’s younger brother. The ever kulit and prankster handsome and tall but ‘lil brother.

Flower Girls

Zhoie B. Macapaz

Bride’s relative

Bella Eloisa U. Ostrea

Bride’s relative


Krystoff Arth Midel — Coin Bearer

Bride’s brother

Aaron Javier — Bible Bearer

The bride’s student in Kids’ Church when she was still in the ministry. Kuya Kiko and Ate Liza’s cute son!

Secondary Sponsors

Michelle Anne Midel-Reroma — Cord

Bride’s younger sister slash roommate for many many years! ;) The sister who is a stickler for details yet has a big and generous heart.

Jordan Reroma — Cord

Bride’s brother-in-law. The unfailing supportive bro-in-law who matches her wife’s big heart.

Secondary Sponsors

Romulo Jiji Anino — Veil

The hilarious engineer. Groom and bride’s friend/churchmate, former constant lunchmate, VietCam travel pal.

Lily Mae Sorallo Anino — Veil

The equally wacky engineer wife of Romulo aka Jiji. Also the couple’s amazing friend, former constant lunchmate, VietCam travel pal.

Maureen Niar — Candle

The blogger on marriage life and adventures. Groom and bride’s churchmate.

John Mark Niar — Candle

The corporate man who’s also business minded. Groom’s former manager. Groom and bride’s friend / churchmate.

Primary Sponsors

Francis "Kiko" Javier

Groom's business partner. The Coach. Entrepreneur and a visionary. A business and life coach that always has Biblical principles injected into every training.

Tita Liza Javier

Everyone's tita! Her dishes are mouthwatering and you can't help but ask for a second and even third servings!

Primary Sponsors

Julius Bungcaras

Mr. Photographer and now Pastor. Has worked with the groom in the LifeHub ministry. Serious joker and cause-oriented man.

Ana Cruzette Bungcaras

Supporter of the WelDan loveteam! :D The ever bubbly and kind ate.

Charles Cedeño

The joker businessman. Groom and bride's travel pals in Korea and "supposed" partner and strategizer for the groom's proposal, which didn't push through. :D

Axie Cedeño

The worship leader. Bride and groom's church mate, and Korea travel pals

Rolando Pidor

Groom's funny uncle.

Ging2x Pidor

Groom's auntie.

Pepe Taboada

Bride's uncle with an equally huge heart and a man with great business ideas.

Elizabeth Taboada

Bride's auntie with a big heart and a support partner during her short-term missions.

Angelica Panimdim

The beautiful wife of Ptr Zab. One of the beautiful mother and wife that the couple looks up to. The bride's teammate during the short-term missions.

Zabulon Panimdim

Groom and bride's pastor in the 1:30 pm service. Feeds us with the Word of God. Former life coach of the groom and the bride's team leader during their short-term missions in China. One of the most humorous pastor!

Rodel Padayhag

The discipleship coach. Groom's coach and mentor in life as well the couple's mentor in marriage preparation.

Joi Padayhag

Couple's prayer warrior and the lovely wife of the groom's mentor.

Vera Cris Villamor

Bride's fashionista auntie.

Michael Quijano

Bride's kind-hearted, jolly uncle who always has a special nickname for each nieces and nephews.